Keep Your Emotions Under Control in High-Pressure Situations

Business situations can have you lose twice if you’re not mindful of them. Prioritize your time because that’s the one resource you cannot create more of; once your time on Earth runs out, you’re gone forever. You can protect your time by choosing your battles. Here is business advice to help you avoid losing twice.

Fight or Let It Go

Leaders always have to handle difficult situations that no one else would ever have to face. Instead of waging war at every sign of conflict, take control of the situation by deciding on a battle plan: fight or concede. Will engaging in battle help or hinder the company? In many cases, you’re better off letting the situation resolve at a loss rather than lose valuable time that you could have used to do something more beneficial.

Reluctant Compromise

There will be situations where there is no clear winner or loser. In those situations, both parties come to a compromise. The suggested proposal may feel like a loss, which can send your emotions into a spiral. You lose a lot of time and energy by letting your emotions get the best of you; instead, try accepting the outcome and focus on more profitable tasks.

Raise Requests

At some point in time, you may have been the one to request a raise, but now you are the one handling it. You will have to answer employees when they come for a higher salary, but your answer may not make everyone happy. Tempers can flare, and someone may walk out on the job. Whatever you decide, make peace with the outcome and let it go. 

Accommodating Trolls

Some people can be petty and cause you a bit more trouble than you’d like, but this is all part of doing business. The answer here is usually to accommodate unreasonable or odd requests; doing otherwise may result in bad reviews or lawsuits. The best business advice here is to be perpetually professional and put your best foot forward to mitigate any losses.

Find Emotional Peace

Situations will get hot and heavy whether you expect it or not. It’s your responsibility as a leader to deal with the current situation, but that doesn’t mean you have to become emotionally involved. Losing a “battle” is already heartbreaking, but overreacting doubles the losses. The best way to deal with every situation is to accept the outcome and then detach from it altogether. 

As a leader in your organization, it’s important to remember that your decisions and behavior affect everyone around you. Staff, clients, and vendors must all interact with you on some level. You can be easy to deal with or difficult to handle, but each situation requires something appropriate. Whatever the case, make sure to keep your head level to avoid losing twice.


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