Stated Income Commercial Real Estate

When Is a Stated Income Commercial Real Estate Loan the Right Choice?

Getting financing to meet your business goals isn’t as black and white as many business owners believe. It’s not like there’s just one “perfect” loan that can help you. Often, you have several avenues towards your goal that offer different pros and cons.

At Fall Creek Finance, we always endeavor to give our customers as many options as possible for maximum flexibility. Stated income real estate loans have helped many companies purchase a great piece of property. What are the advantages?

The Pros of Stated Income Commercial Real Estate Financing

We can sum up most of the benefits in a single word: easier. Choosing a stated income loan to purchase a piece of property can make the entire process much easier. How?

  • Low qualifying credit score: You don’t need a perfect credit score to qualify for this type of loan. Average credit is fine.
  • Accelerated loan processing and approval: Compared to traditional loans, stated income financing is fast. It usually only takes a week or two for closing.
  • Significant flexibility: You can use this type of loan for virtually any type of property. That way, you get the location you want.
  • Simple documentation requirements: Forget about extensive financial records and tax returns. Usually, W-2 or self-employment documents are sufficient.
  • Other options: In addition to purchasing real estate, you can use stated income financing for consolidating debt or refinancing.

The Cons of Stated Income Loans

Are there times when traditional real estate loans have an advantage? Our conventional loans do offer lower interest rates overall, which can save you money if you qualify.

That said, if your business doesn’t have the needed credit rating, stated income commercial real estate financing is an excellent solution. We provide comfortable interest rates with these loans, and the rates are fixed and fully amortized. Loans are large enough to invest in the property your business needs, and they carry excellent loan-to-value ratios.

Speak to our financial advisors to see if this option is right for your business.