Purchase Order Financing

How Can Purchase Order Financing Help Your Business?

Purchase order financing refers to funding that helps companies pay for orders and even out their cash flow. If your company needs financing to purchase inventory and other merchandise, Fall Creek Finance can help you secure funds through purchase order financing. Companies that deal in wholesale, production, distribution, and resale, and have suppliers who they need to regularly pay back, may especially benefit from our services.

Fall Creek Finance employs specialists who can help you with your purchases and business transactions. Even if you have little cash flow, are a new business, or have limited access to capital, we can still assist with providing you with what you need to be successful.

Benefits of Our Purchase Order Financing Program

Our purchase order financing can enable you to more easily:

  • Expand your business while not accruing more bank debt or sacrificing equity
  • Fulfill customer orders and make more money
  • Increase your market share in your industry
  • Complete your customer deliveries on time

If your business needs flexible, quick funding, consider whether these benefits would be helpful for your company.

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